Here are 10 reasons why you should NOT consider moving to Raleigh NC

Hi everyone! I am Yoana Nin with The Prosperous Agency. I’ve been a real estate broker in the Raleigh NC area for 10 years now and I am giving you 10 reasons not to move to Raleigh North Carolina.


Raleigh is also called the “City Of Oaks”. If you guys have allergies of any sort, please do your research because there is a lot of pollen in the area and you don’t want your allergies to become even worse in time. People are trying different methods to ease their allergies from adding Himalayan Salt Lamps in their rooms to using Salt Cave Therapy. This method is actually being used for decades outside of the US. I am no physician but I’m convinced that the power of your mind can do miracles! So, as long as you believe in it, it might very well work. 🙂

Pollen in Raleigh NC
Pollen and allergies in Raleigh

That being said, Raleigh constantly reaches top 10 places to live in the country based on the quality of life, jobs, and affordability. According to In 2019, Raleigh ranks 2nd in Top 100 best places to live and 3rd BEST IN Quality Of Life THE WORLD according to NUMBEO and 2nd in Most Family Friendly Cities by


They are doing their best however, I think it might take quite a few years till we will have a subway(if that will ever happen), trams, enough busses for all of you that do not have a car. So, if you rely on public transportation heavily, Raleigh NC might not be the best city for you.

On the other end, if you do have your own car, motorcycle, helicopter or private jet, there are a lot of opportunities out there. 🙂 The RTP(Research Triangle Park) ALONE has about 200 companies with approximately 50,000 employees.

Moving to Raleigh | 

Public Transportation in Raleigh NC by Yoana Nin with The Prosperous Agency | Yoana Nin Realty


There are about 64 people moving here every single day not counting newborns. all in all, the population is growing! Many of the schools are capped. You can see already crowded highways(especially during rush hours). Now, there are also good things about overpopulation. In 2017 FORBES magazine ranked Raleigh as the 2nd most educated city in the US with over 49% of adults that achieved higher education. Not bad right? Parents are also very happy with Magnet, Charter, and Public schools available.


For real! You never really know how to get dressed and whether or not you would need an umbrella. So, if you are from California, Arizona or any of those “it never rains here!” places, I can assure you, especially during the summer IT WILL RAIN… like… A LOT. So, always keep an umbrella in your car. 🙂

Raleigh has hot and humid summers with a high average temperature of 90°F (32.2°C). What’s the best time to visit Raleigh? Between March and May during spring and between September and November during fall.


Seriously! Take a look at my hair!

Hair & Humidity with Yoana Nin

I have a live-in conditioner(and what not)… I mean, I have a lot of products in it. I have a very fine, dry hair and this humidity makes me look like a sheep on most days, especially in the summer. You might also have difficulty breathing, might sweat a lot too so, if you are someone who doesn’t like humidity, don’t move here.


If you are worried about hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, flooding…we have them all!


This is a real problem that every bigger city is facing. Unfortunately it is growing and, it is growing about 8% each year 🙁 There are a lot of people coming here for jobs, trying to save money and not realizing that pricing is increasing. You know, higher demand will drive a higher price tag on everything including homes. That leads me to reason #8, a very competitive real estate market.


The real estate market is very competitive. The real estate market trends for Raleigh showed an increase of 10.7% in pricing, in average sales price only since last year! In other words, the same house that was sold last year for about $500,000 would most likely sell this year for about $553,500. If you put it that way, that’s a pretty good return on your investment.


Or, should I say, the lack of nightlife? I mean there is a little bit but not a lot! If you like partying and want to experience a lot of different places, Raleigh might get a little bit boring 🙂

Now, if you are not necessarily into nightlife, you might still have a few options. For beer lovers, Raleigh’s Beer Garden has the largest selection of beer on tap. It has the LARGEST tap beer selection under one roof in the world! Yep, it is larger than the one In Munich.

There are also a few restaurants to consider. Raleigh has a James Beard Award-Winning Chef. You should try one of Ashley Christensen’s restaurants.

You can access an interactive map about festivals, exhibits, nightlife, concerts here: GO DOWNTOWN RALEIGH


Raleigh might be a bit too conservative for some people’s taste. So look at that side and see what your precferences are. What your future goals are and, if you are considering moving from California, and, if you like a lot of diversity, and, if you have not voted conservative, all of that…I’m not going to get into politics but just make sure you do your research.

In Raleigh North Carolina the medium price point of a house at the time I’m writing this article is about $299,000. As an example, if you make around $72,000 and you have a 20% down payment, considering a 3% interest rate, your monthly payment will be around $1,417/month including your principal & interest of about $1,008, property taxes(about $287/month) and home insurance(about $87/month), Definitely better than renting! You can search for the most updated inventory of homes for sale in Raleigh here.

Thank you for being here and, if you know of anyone who is considering moving to Raleigh send them our way so we can welcome them to our community!

Here Is A List Of The Most Recent Homes For Sale In Raleigh NC.

I hope you considered my 10 reasons not to move to Raleigh NC helpful! Want to talk real estate? You can always reach out to me here SCHEDULE A CALL WITH YOANA