How to net more on the sale of your house using a few simple steps along with the correct marketing strategies with Yoana Nin | The Prosperous Agency | Yoana Nin Realty

What if I told you I can net you more than you ever thought you could net on your home sale?

Have you noticed how most homes in your neighborhood face more days on the market?

Do you remember how fast listings were moving as early as one year ago?

Market has neutralized, and sellers can no longer just put a sign in their front yard and call it a day!

There are agents that will tell you everything you want to hear just to get you to sign a listing agreement. But that’s not the way to go!

There are MUST DO’S in order for your house to sell at top dollar and not stay on the market for 60 plus days.

Here is a REAL example:

This is Ryan! He wanted to sell his house and didn’t know how to approach the process. He interviewed several real estate agents that said he could sell his house at around $220,000 meaning he would barely break even. But, he was advised to get a second opinion. 

We discussed a few simple strategies that we have proven to work and came up with a plan to sell his house. Two months later and with his home being on the market for only 7 days, not ONLY he broke even but he walked away $48,000 richer than he expected.

This is what a few simple steps and the correct marketing strategy can do when selling your house!