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Yoana Nin
Yoana Nin
Published on February 26, 2022

If you are moving to Cary, North Carolina, you should consider these two Cary NC neighborhoods

Ridgefield Farms, and Amberly – are two of the top neighborhoods in the 27519 zip code

👉 I hope you are going to enjoy these neighborhoods. The beauty, the scenery, clubhouses, the pools, the playgrounds, everything that they have to offer is exceptional. If you are considering moving to North Carolin or relocating to any of the surrounding cities of Raleigh NC, especially in Cary, we would be more than happy to assist you.

At Ridgefield Farms, you’ll find a neighborhood full of beautiful homes, offering something for everyone. With varying styles and sizes that are affordable too, it’s no wonder that this community is so popular. Ridgefield Farms is located in Northwest Cary, about 20 minutes from downtown Cary. It also takes about 25 minutes to drive to downtown Raleigh, and about 15 minutes drive from RDU.

Now let’s talk about Cary NC schools

If you are into public schools, all of the schools that belong to these neighborhoods are excellent!

The elementary school is Hortons Creek. –
The middle school is Mills Park – and
The High school is Panther Creek –

You can also choose between charter or private schools if that is your preference.


I’m sure a lot of you are curious about those. Ridgefield Farms is conveniently located about 10 minutes from the Duke Medical Plaza in Morrisville, and about 20 minutes from UNC Rex hospital in Raleigh.


There are a plethora of greenways to choose from! Enjoy them to the fullest! They are simply breathtaking! You can find more information about the Greenways HERE

Cary Greenways – Portion of the White Oak Creek Greenway Cary NC


Homes were built from 2018 to 2020, being a fairly new and extremely popular neighborhood. Not too many people are willing to sell their homes here. There were only three sales in the past 12 months, between $740,000 and $930,000. An excellent community.


Located in Northwest Cary, the Amberly neighborhood is just outside Raleigh Durham international airport(RDU). This location makes it easy for travelers to get around with quick access, not only by car but also via plane. Amberly – is about twenty-five minutes from Chapel Hill, 20 minutes from downtown Durham or Duke University. Also, the other universities are fairly close by. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University is also close by that is on Western Boulevard. So, pretty much you have all of those within 25, 30 minutes max, with traffic. If convenience to shopping is important to you, Amberly has that too. The closest grocery store is Harris Teeter with Starbucks inside and Publix.


The main schools are Hortons Creek, Mills Park, and Panther Creek, but if you are going to be on the Peninsula at Amberley, you’re going to get the Chatham schools, North Chatham, Margaret B Pollard for middle school, and Chatham Northwood for high school.


Let’s dive into how many homes were sold in Amberley. At the time of this article, there were 26 homes sold with prices ranging between 400,000 and just about a million.
You’re looking at around $239/sqft, which increased tremendously from 2019 when it was about $145/sqft. It’s absolutely shocking how prices have increased over the last few years.

So if you are reading this article and you live in Amberly, please share your thoughts. I’d love to hear them, both for Amberley and for Ridgefield Farms or any other communities that you consider important.

I hope this article gave you an idea of what these two neighborhoods in Cary looks like, especially the 27519 zip code.

We work with clients that are from all over the world and are moving or relocating to Cary and surrounding cities and we ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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Here is a list of homes currently for sale in Ridgefield Farms & Amberly Neighborhoods

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