Moving To Cary NC – What you must know before buying a house in Cary NC 2022 – The Process

Yoana Nin
Yoana Nin
Published on February 28, 2022

Are you considering moving to Cary, North Carolina? If you are, then this is what you must know before buying a house in 2022, I am going to cover the process.

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When moving to Cary North Carolina, you must know before buying a house here that the process might be very different. There is an incredible amount of people moving to the Cary area every single month. Besides home buyers, companies like Apple, Amazon, Toyota, SAS, Lenovo, IBM, Epic Games, just to mention a few have their headquarters or are opening their offices here. No wonder homebuyers are facing very strong competition.
Homes are being sold tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars even before they hit the market, regardless of their price point!
If you want to even stand a chance in this extremely competitive market, you must know the process of buying a house in Cary NC, and have a game plan in place!
In a nutshell:
1. Before looking at homes, PLEASE talk to a Lender to find out exactly what you qualify for
2. Chat with me about your needs so we can come up with the right game plan
3. Start your search
4. Make an offer the seller can not refuse
5. Go “under contract”
6. Order your appraisal
7. Do your inspections
8. Negotiate repairs
9. Order your home insurance
10. Set up your utilities
11. Clear to close
12. Settlement day

TITLE: Moving To Cary NC – What you must know before buying a house in Cary NC 2022 – The Process

Time Stamps:
00:00 Moving to Cary NC, What you must know before buying a house in Cary NC 2022 – The Process
4:01 First Step: Do not start looking at homes before you talked to a lender
04:47 What is a Due Diligence fee and why is it important
06:15 Second Step: What is an Earnest Money? Is it mandatory?
08:09 Third Step: The importance of the Due Diligence Time
12:16 Guideline on how much money you might need to purchase a $500,000 home. This includes downpayment, appraisal, closing costs, attorney fees, inspections, and the difference between the appraised value and contract price.

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