The ugly side of buying a house in Wake County NC

In this article I will be talking about the ugly side of buying a house in Wake County NC that no one talks about. I am Yoana Nin with The Prosperous Agency | Yoana Nin Realty,

The ugly side of buying a house in Wake County NC with Yoana Nin

Hi! My name is Yoana, and I am here to assist you with your home buying process. It’s super easy, there are plenty of homes at 250K, with great lots, best schools and look like new!

Doesn’t this just sound like a dream come true? I mean, if you are moving from NY or CA, the term “expensive” has various connotations, if I can say that.

However, the REALITY IS that a house in Wake county, on a great lot that belongs to great schools and UNDER $400,000 is not as easy to find, and not everyone things that 400,000 or 300,000 is cheap. Taxes are much lower that Los Angels- for example, but the goal is for everyone to find a home that they can afford, and with all the new construction happening and the pricing increasing, a lot of home buyers feel stuck. So they might keep renting, even though those prices are heavily increasing as well.

So when I say it’s not easy to find a home in a certain price point, I am not talking about the condition or a specific floor plan, even though a ranch(one story) house or a house with a master bedroom on the 1st floor are more difficult to find.

Location does matter a lot, so if you want a new kitchen and a relatively new property, we need to be very proactive.
Most of those homes under $400K are going to be a bit older and feel DATED for some buyers! If you want a home under 10 years and new windows and all, there is some new construction for sure, some townhomes or even homes, but not that much…

In the “older homes”, in order to bring them up to your expectations, you will have to add a lot of elbow grease(if a DIY-er) and buy your upgraded light fixtures, appliances, paint, etc. not to mention roof, HVAC & plumbing.

In other words, your chances to get a home in a great location, great condition and great price(under 10 years old) are pretty slim in Wake county.

We get a lot of requests for 1st floor master and ranch style homes that are between 200K to $400K but the reality is that whatever comes on the market that fits this criteria disappears pretty fast!

Now, how can you still get a good deal?

Look for homes that are NOT in the MLS! Ask your agent to do some research and not only show you those homes that are listed in the MLS. Many times builders has several lots or homes that have never been listed in the MLS. Those homes will not show up on your previous home search, Zillow, Trulia or other websites.

Choose a proactive agent, that KNOWS the market, knows where the new developments are going to be built. Choose an agent that knows how to find that hidden gem!
She/he might also have her/his own database. We certainly DO!

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