Living in Raleigh, North Carolina

Yoana Nin
Yoana Nin
Published on April 9, 2024
  • Average Home Sales Price: $553,322
  • Median Home Sales Price: $420,000
  • Average Days Of Homes On The Market: 19
  • Median Days Of Homes On The Market: 5

Raleigh, North Carolina’s vibrant capital, is a magnet for prospective homeowners, drawing attention with its dynamic economy, stellar schools, cost-effective living, and exceptional lifestyle. This city frequently appears on national rankings as a top living destination, excelling particularly in quality of life due to its rich array of museums, theaters, bustling eateries, and expansive parks and greenery. It proudly stands at the pinnacle in North Carolina as the finest place to reside, ranks 13th for quality of life across the nation, 21st as the fastest expanding locale, and 29th as an ideal retirement spot. Raleigh’s reputation as a technological and entrepreneurial powerhouse is bolstered by the presence of leading tech giants such as IBM, Cisco Systems, and Lenovo. This influx of major tech firms attracts individuals with the promise of lucrative job opportunities, further cementing the city’s status as a center for innovation and job growth.


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9. Weather/Climate 10. Architecture in Wake County
11. Lot Sizes 12. Property Taxes
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Other Major Companies In The Raleigh Area Include:

The Raleigh area is not only a tech hub but also a vibrant center for diverse industry giants, including Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Alongside tech behemoths, prestigious institutions like North Carolina State University and leading corporations such as Duke Energy, SAS Institute, and IQVIA significantly contribute to the local economy.

Things to do in Raleigh

Explore Raleigh's vibrant leisure scene with its rich culinary offerings, diverse museums, and abundant outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and water sports. Discover the city's unique position nestled between the coast and mountains, making it ideal for beach and mountain enthusiasts alike. Dive into Raleigh's lively music scene with regular performances at Walnut Creek and Red Hat Amphitheaters. Whether you're a nature lover, music aficionado, or adventure seeker, Raleigh promises a memorable experience.

Raleigh, North Carolina shines as an exceptional place to both live and indulge in leisure, thanks to its vibrant culinary landscape, an array of captivating museums, plentiful outdoor activities, and the warm hospitality of its residents. For those who relish being amidst nature, Raleigh is a dream come true. The city offers an exhaustive list of outdoor pursuits including hiking, biking, boating, camping, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and fishing, to name just a few.

An added allure of Raleigh is its proximity to both the coast and the mountains. Just a two-hour drive can take you to popular beach destinations like Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach, and The Outer Banks, making for an ideal day trip or a relaxing weekend away. Beach aficionados will find Raleigh’s location perfect for spontaneous seaside escapes. Similarly, mountain enthusiasts are not left wanting, with destinations such as Sugar Mountain, Ski Beech, Winterplace, and Snowshoe Mountain within a couple of hours’ drive, offering prime conditions for skiing and snowboarding.

For those who have a penchant for live music, Raleigh boasts a lively scene with performances happening regularly across the city. The Walnut Creek Amphitheater and the Red Hat Amphitheater stand out as local favorites, hosting a variety of live acts that cater to diverse musical tastes. Raleigh’s robust live music scene ensures that aficionados can always find a spot to enjoy fresh tunes and vibrant performances.

Love Sports? Raleigh’s Got You Covered

If you’re a sports enthusiast, Raleigh is the place to be! Home to the Carolina Hurricanes, Raleigh offers thrilling professional hockey action. For details on the team and their game schedule, be sure to check out the Carolina Hurricanes (NHL).

Golf lovers will find themselves right at home in Raleigh, North Carolina as well. The area boasts a vast array of golf course communities, attracting visitors globally to both Raleigh and the renowned Pinehurst area. Just an hour’s drive away, Pinehurst is celebrated as the Home of Golf in the U.S., offering unparalleled golfing experiences.

For fans of college sports, NC State Athletics provides an array of exciting collegiate sporting events. Dive into the vibrant sports culture that Raleigh has to offer, whether you’re into fast-paced hockey games, serene golf courses, or the dynamic spirit of state team competitions.

Raleigh’s Food Scene

Raleigh’s culinary landscape is a vibrant testament to the city’s rich culture, offering an ever-evolving feast of flavors that cater to every palate. From the comfort of southern cooking to the exotic appeal of international cuisines, Raleigh, North Carolina boasts a dynamic food scene that’s as diverse as it is delicious. Whether you’re in the mood for the casual charm of food trucks, craving some sushi, exploring craft breweries, or searching for vegetarian and vegan delights, Raleigh has something to satisfy your culinary curiosity.

Morgan Street Food Hall stands out as a culinary haven for those who love the vibrancy of food halls, offering a diverse array of dishes in a dynamic atmosphere. It’s a place where you can indulge in a world of flavors without leaving the city, from savory empanadas and rich ramen to delightful falafels.

Raleigh’s food scene is further enriched by its calendar of food-focused events. The city hosts several food truck rodeos and The International Food Festival throughout the year, showcasing a wide range of culinary delights that make it a gastronomic paradise. In Raleigh, North Carolina, the food is not just about eating; it’s a celebration of culture, community, and the joy of discovering new tastes.

Raleigh Shopping

Shopping in Raleigh, North Carolina is an experience that caters to every taste and preference, with a rich mix of local boutiques, flea markets, expansive farmers markets, and some of the largest shopping malls in the state. Whether you’re on the hunt for unique finds or mainstream goods, Raleigh’s diverse shopping venues have you covered:

Schools in Raleigh

North Carolina’s education system is organized into county-wide districts, providing a cohesive experience across the area. The Wake County Public School System (WCPSS) assigns schools based on residential addresses, which can be checked using their online address lookup tool.

Raleigh, North Carolina boasts a high standard of education, with a variety of school types available, including public, magnet, charter, Montessori, and private schools. However, newcomers should be aware of enrollment caps in Wake County, meaning proximity doesn’t always guarantee placement in your base school. Information on capped schools is readily accessible for prospective residents.

Raleigh Hospitals

When it comes to healthcare, Raleigh is home to several top-rated hospitals ensuring quality medical care for its residents:

Raleigh not only provides a rich shopping and educational landscape but also ensures the well-being of its residents with accessible, high-quality healthcare facilities.

Crime Rate & Safety in Raleigh

Raleigh, North Carolina stands out for its safety compared to other U.S. cities of similar size. An exclusive analysis by NeighborhoodScout, using FBI crime data, reveals Raleigh’s crime rate is significantly lower than the national average, making it a reassuring place for residents and visitors alike.


Raleigh and its suburbs enjoy a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild winters. Spring temperatures hover between the mid-60s to mid-80s °F, while fall sees averages in the 70s. Winters are gentle and moist, with daytime highs typically ranging from 47-53°F. Despite the mild winter temperatures, an occasional 60°F day is not rare. The area receives about 47 inches of precipitation yearly, positioning it as one of the wetter regions in the state. Raleigh averages 213 sunny days per year, with a modest annual snowfall of 3.7 inches.

Architecture in Wake County

Wake County’s diverse architectural landscape is a draw for prospective homeowners, especially those moving from out of state. The area showcases a wide array of home styles, from 1950s ranchers and 1970s traditional homes to early 20th-century dwellings. Architectural styles include Cape Cod, Colonial Revivals, Modernist, Mid-Century Modern, Victorian, Tudor, Craftsman, Bungalow, Farmhouse, Condos and Townhomes, and French Provincial-style homes, particularly in Cary’s luxury neighborhoods.

Lot Sizes

The Raleigh-Cary area is known for its generously sized home lots, among the largest on average in the country, with the typical lot size around 15,000 square feet.

Property Taxes

North Carolina, particularly Wake County, is recognized for its relatively low property taxes. The average effective property tax rate in Wake County is 0.96%, with a median annual property tax payment of $2,908.

New Developments In The Raleigh Metro Area


  • RTP’s New Downtown Project – Horseshoe: Slated to open at the end of 2023, Horseshoe aims to be a hub for entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the Research Triangle Park, featuring office and lab space, retail, residential apartments, and hotel rooms.
  • Downtown Cary Park Project: This project will transform downtown Cary with walking trails, a skywalk, performance spaces, market spaces, public art, and more, invigorating the area’s atmosphere.
  • Fenton Mixed-Use Development: Opened in summer 2022 in Cary, this $850-million project includes vast office and retail space, multi-family housing, and two boutique hotels.
  • Veridea Development Project: Envisioned with five villages, Veridea will offer space for life sciences, up to 8,000 residential units, and 3.5 million square feet for retail, hospitality, and civic use, promoting local ownership and small business growth.
  • Asteria community: poised for development in Pittsboro’s Chatham Park near Raleigh, NC, offers a blend of urban and small-town charms with its proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment, alongside esteemed universities and research institutes. Designed for all ages, including sections for those 55+, Asteria plans to feature around 4,000 single and multi-family homes developed in collaboration with DMB Development. Residents will enjoy exclusive club membership, immersing in a lifestyle enriched with amenities such as a clubhouse, wellness center, community garden, and extensive trails, set to begin sales in 2027.

Living in Raleigh, North Carolina – Final Thoughts

In reflecting on the experience of living in Raleigh, it’s clear that this city is more than a place to reside; it’s a vibrant community that encourages growth, fosters connections, and nurtures aspirations. Raleigh’s continuous evolution as a city that balances professional opportunities with leisure and enjoyment is what makes it truly special. Whether you’re drawn to Raleigh for its economic opportunities, educational institutions, or simply its quality of life, it’s evident that Raleigh offers more than just a place to live—it offers a place to thrive.

Explore More About Living Here:

Raleigh invites you to be part of its story—a story of a city that harmonizes growth with a high quality of life, welcoming everyone with open arms. Whether you’re exploring Raleigh for the first time or you’re a long-standing member of the community, there’s always something new to discover and cherish. Let’s continue to explore and celebrate the richness of life in Raleigh, making every day a meaningful part of our shared journey.

Living in Raleigh NC will possibly be a big change and I want you to be fully aware of what you can expect, so I recorded a video about the 10 Things to know BEFORE Living in Raleigh NC. You can watch it here:


1. What is the median home sales price in Raleigh, NC?

The median home sales price in Raleigh, North Carolina, is $449,000. This figure reflects the vibrant real estate market in the area, driven by the city’s dynamic economy, excellent schools, and cost-effective living.

2. What are the average rental costs in Raleigh?

The median home rental price in Raleigh is approximately $1,600 per month. This price point makes Raleigh an attractive option for those looking to rent in a city known for its quality of life and broad range of amenities.

3. What makes Raleigh, NC, a top living destination?

Raleigh is frequently ranked as a top living destination due to its high quality of life, which includes a rich array of museums, theaters, restaurants, and parks. It stands as the best place to live in North Carolina and ranks highly nationwide for its quality of life, rapid growth, and suitability as a retirement spot.

4. Why is Raleigh considered a tech and entrepreneurial hub?

Raleigh’s status as a tech and entrepreneurial hub is bolstered by the presence of leading tech giants like IBM, Cisco Systems, Lenovo, and a vibrant ecosystem of startups. The city’s thriving tech sector is attributed to the influx of major tech firms attracted by lucrative job opportunities and a supportive business environment.

5. How does Raleigh’s location benefit its residents in terms of leisure and outdoor activities?

Raleigh’s proximity to both the coast and the mountains offers residents easy access to beach destinations like Wrightsville Beach and mountain resorts such as Sugar Mountain. This unique geographical advantage allows for a diverse range of outdoor activities, including hiking, boating, and skiing, making Raleigh an ideal place for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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