Considering Moving To Cary North Carolina? Here are my latest thoughts!

Moving To Cary NC? Is Cary A Good Place To Live? Here are my latest thoughts!

70 People on average are moving to Cary North Carolina and surrounding cities like Raleigh, Apex, Durham, and Morrisville, just to name a few of the largest municipalities in the Greater Triangle Area.

Before I dive into why moving to Cary North Carolina is a good idea, I’d like to ask you a few questions:

  • 🏠 Housing market is hotter than it has ever been❗Do you agree or disagree❓
  • Which Wake County City do you like the most and Why❓
  • Do you know some important JOB and real estate market stats❓If you need a job, this is the place to be right now❗If you want to buy a 🏡house (homes are still undervalued but probably not for long💰) and care about good schools, then you have landed in one of the BEST PLACES TO LIVE in the US❗

    Please let me know your thoughts in the comment’s section!

Moving to Cary NC? Top 10 Reasons why you'll love it!
Relocating or moving to Cary NC? Here are 10 reasons you’ll love it! Brought to you by Yoana Nin with The Prosperous Agency at Yoana Nin Realty

You’re one step closer to your dream home when moving to Cary NC with the Prosperous Agency.

1. Commuting

I mean, seriously, when you are talking about the commute, It is a breeze, especially if you’re coming from LA or New York or any other states that are killer when it comes to commuting. There’s an inside joke with my girlfriends, that’s a personal thing, but they work downtown or they work in Durham and know the university of Durham.

Moving to Cary NC - Commuting
Moving to Cary NC – Commuting to major cities

They’re like, yeah, I mean, we live in Cary and… we love it. I go there to sleep and then, we’re commuting to downtown Raleigh or to Durham because it’s so peaceful. It’s so nice. And it’s an easy commute. So if you work at Duke University, if you work at NC state, if you are in downtown Raleigh, Holly Springs or even if you work in the Wake Forest or Roseville area, you are pretty much 30 minutes away from everything.

While the city of Raleigh provides service to most of Cary via GoRaleigh, it’s nice that there is still an option for those who don’t want/cannot use their car. With five surrounding cities Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and Wake Forest are being connected by Triangles Transit System (GoTriangle), this means plenty more options when deciding how best to get around town!

2. Diversity

Over 20% of the people that live in Cary are from other states and all over the world.

Over 20% of the people that live in Cary are from other states and all over the world

A city with a rich history, Cary has something for everyone. From its picturesque farms and vineyards in the north to cozy downtown full of artsy boutiques where you can find NC’s best coffee shops, Cary has it all! Whether you’re craving Italian pasta, Sushi, or vegan cuisine; Cary has them all. From a great Fajita for those who love their food hot and spicy to an Indian restaurant that will tease your taste buds with authentic dishes made from fresh ingredients – there is no shortage of variety in this town!

3. Safety

I’m sure safety would be an important factor to consider before moving to Cary North Carolina. Fear not! According to NeighborhoodScout, after they analyzed all cities in America with a similar population size to Cary NC, they found out that the crime rate in Cary is one of the lowest in the nation for its size.

Cary North Carolina Is Considered One Of The Safest Cities In The Country

In other words, Cary NC is one of the safest places to live in America.

4. Jobs

The RTP(Research Triangle Park), which is literally minutes from downtown Cary NC, is the biggest research park in the world.

Top Companies In Cary North Carolina
Top Companies In Cary North Carolina According To Glassdoor

Among the top companies in Cary NC, you can find Amazon, Cisco, IBM, SAS, Lenovo, Fidelity, Epic Games just to name a few. You can find them HERE If you are considering moving to Cary North Carolina, with so many companies, it should be a breeze to find the job of your dreams.

5. Schools

The people of Cary are well educated and involved in their community. Most families and most people moving to Cary North Carolina have at least a bachelor’s degree. This has led to a thriving town where the best schools can be found, drawing residents from all over the world. I’m going to emphasize how happy we are as parents with the schools in Cary. We are trilingual in the house so it was important for me to put my kids in a school where they could learn languages. They could learn Spanish or Chinese. Farmington Woods Elementary in Cary NC is among the best magnet school in the country. You can find a list of all the schools in Cary HERE.

6. Food

If you are a foodie, you can find amazing and diverse food here. Since so many people are moving to Cary North Carolina every day, you will be able to choose from a plethora of restaurants and grocery stores. From Trader Joe’s to H-Mart, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, Harris Teeter to Wegmans, you will be most of the time less than 5 minutes from the closest grocery store or your favorite restaurant.

Food Platter Cary NC
You Favorite Food Platter in Cary NC

When it comes to bakeries, my all-time favorite is La Farm with its french charm. Nevertheless, if you are in donuts, Duck Donuts off of Kildaire Farms Rd is a must. Make sure you visit the local Farmers Market open every Saturday in downtown Cary. You’ll love it!

7. Healthy Lifestyle – Everyone Works Out

Does a healthy lifestyle matter when considering moving to Cary North Carolina? Waking up early is going to bring you some interesting company.

Healthy Lifestyle In Cary NC
Healthy Lifestyle In Cary NC

People who work out regularly are usually at the gym before sunrise, so if that’s your thing then Lifetime Fitness has everything for an amazing workout experience! They have indoor and outdoor hot tubs, they have a steam room, a sauna, a hair place, and a nail place. They have a bar and a pool outside. They organize a lot of events. Whatever mood strikes you, will be met by this facility’s diverse amenities.
Cary North Carolina is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. There are so many options when you’re looking to get outside and enjoy nature, whether that means hiking around Lake Bond, one of the many lakes or going kayaking on another!
People here love their pets too! There’s no shortage of dog parks in town where your pup can run free.

8. Hospitals

There are 17 hospitals in or near Cary, NC like REX, WakeMed, Dorothea Dix, Duke Hospital, just to mention a few that have specialists for everything you need. Not only do they offer urgent care, but doctors’ offices with cosmetic surgery or internal health treatment options as well!

9. Concerts | Entertainments

There’s nothing like a star-filled sky to make you feel small. You can watch movies under the stars or enjoy live music at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, NC – just be sure not to miss out on this opportunity!

Koka Booth Amphitheater Cary NC Satellite Image
Koka Booth Amphitheater Cary NC Satellite Image

A lot of events take place all around town such as concerts and shows. If outdoors isn’t really doing it for ya then head over straight away towards the Cary Arts Center in downtown Cary. The Cary Arts Center is a historic landmark of the downtown hub for arts activity in Cary. Its legacy began with education beginning as Town founder Allison Frances Page opened up her Academy, which was officially chartered by North Carolina and now serves not only as home to many different performing artists but also houses an extensive gallery space where you can view both local paintings or sculptures from afar!

10. Housing | Real Estate

When looking at housing in Cary North Carolina, you can find houses in every price range. There are older homes that are in the 400 thousand and there are amazing homes, new construction homes, or mansions in the millions. So if you like to golf, and if you would like to have your house on a golf course, you might want to look into Preston with Prestonwood Country Club, or Lochmere, with Lochmere Golf Club.

If you would like to know about property taxes, just think an average of 1%, compared to New Jersey, New York, California, and other states.

Is Cary the cheapest? Definitely not, but you can still find something that is affordable.

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How to Choose The Best Moving Company in 3 Easy Steps when moving to Cary North Carolina

Congratulations! You’re almost ready for moving to Cary North Carolina into your new home. You’ve sealed the deal and can’t wait to get started on this new journey. Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to handle the next hurdle, moving. 

Taking the right steps and doing a little research can save you money and headaches. We know how stressful moving can be, so we’ve made it easier for you.

We’ve outlined 3 easy steps that can help you determine which moving company is the right choice for you. 

1. Movers (Carrier Company) vs. Brokers

The first step to finding a moving company that will help you with moving to Cary North Carolina is understanding their differences. Moving companies are divided into two categories, carriers, and brokers. 

A moving broker is a company that will arrange for the transportation of your belongings by hiring carriers to provide the moving service. Like a middleman, brokers will handle billings and payment and receive part of the cut but will never come into contact with your possessions. 

When hiring a broker it’s important you ask them to provide a full estimate that amounts to the entire move. Be wary of large initial deposits, and make sure they are registered to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration as they are required to do so. Since brokers act like agents that facilitate a carrier company to assist you during the move, they are generally not held responsible if there is damage to your property or belongings.

A carrier company, by contrast, is accountable for whatever happens to your belongings. Carriers are the expert movers that handle the entire process from providing an estimate, to scheduling the move, and sending you a bill. In some cases, they will send a professional to assess your property so the company can provide an accurate quote. Carrier companies are usually certified under a state association and are regulated by the state.

If you’re just getting started, has provided thorough research that can help you determine the best moving companies in the market as of 2022.

2. Take a look at their reputation and experience

Companies that provide interstate moves are required to be licensed by the Department of Transportation. You can verify their validity at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), their website allows you to view the company’s driving and safety records as well as filed complaints. 

Intrastate moves are not managed by the FMCSA, so each state will have different regulations or code of ethics for your local mover. Verify if your local moving company is a certified member of a local organization. 

For instance, all members of North Carolina’s Movers Association hold a certificate of exemption from the NC Utilities Commission and are authorized to do moves within the state of North Carolina. As part of the association, they’ve also signed a code of ethics.

To view active complaints, the Better Business Bureau is a reliable source. Consider contacting your state or local consumer protection agency as well. 

3. Budget

You’re almost there! You’ve done your research and chosen a moving company that’s reliable and provides the services you need. Every individual has a unique moving situation with a different set of needs, which means the cost of your move may vary depending on the distance and weight of the cargo.

According to this calculator, the average cost of a local move for a 2-3 bedroom household is $1,250 or more, while a long-distance move can range anywhere up to $4,890 (per distance of 1,000 miles). Be sure to discuss extra fees with movers that may come with special services such as packaging or assembly of items.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends you contact the company and require your mover to prepare a written estimate for your entire move. If the company is registered with the FMCSA, they are required to oblige. This will safeguard you from any scams or last-minute inflated prices or hidden fees.


After determining the price, researching your moving company, and preparing for the move, you’ve set a date. Be present to answer questions and give directions to movers if needed until they finished and remember to keep a bill of charges paid, claims, and check of items delivered. 

The FMCSA has a useful checklist that may help you during this process on your moving day. 

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