Who didn’t hear about a Zillow Zestimate?

Did you know that Zillow acknowledges that they are within 10% of the sales price ONLY 71.5% of the time? Zillow actually encourages consumers to reach out to a real estate professional to get a more accurate price estimate before they put their house on the market.
Your Zestimate can be significantly HIGHER or LOWER.
Neither of these scenarios are in the home seller’s advantage. If it’s too low, you can be missing on a big chunk of money that you built into your equity during the years. If a Zillow Zestimate is too high, your house will sit on the market for months before you will be able to sell it, building up nothing but frustration and disappointment.
So be proactive and don’t rely on Zestimates!

You can avoid both scenarios by simply hiring an appraiser or consulting a Real Estate professional.

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