Many homeowners putting up their houses for sale in Apex, NC, dream of a hassle-free sale. The process of selling a home may sound as simple as listing a house, finding a buyer, selling the house, and giving out the keys. However, at The Prosperous Agency, we know that selling a home involves much more than just listing a property and collecting cash. Many factors go into selling a house, some of which are in the homeowner’s control while others are not.

What affects property prices?

One of the main factors that affect property prices is the location. Locations with fewer houses for sale in Apex, NC, often attract higher rates than places with fewer homes for sale. In addition, vibrant property markets are likely to attract more buyers than relatively dormant property markets.

Fortunately, several factors within the control of homeowners can have a significant impact on property prices. Hiring a qualified and experienced real estate agent to help you maximize your property’s appeal can pay off.

It is essential to work with an agent with excellent knowledge of the market. Research the sales history and professional designation of the agents in your location to help you choose the right person for the job.

What to look for

Look up the online profiles of the agents in your location to determine their experience, sales volume, and the designations they have earned. Pay attention to their marketing techniques and the quality of the photos they use to market properties.

Consider working with real estate agents who have earned various designations. Real estate designations are signs of knowledge in a particular niche.

Some homeowners avoid hiring real estate agents to avoid paying commissions and instead sell their properties themselves. In the end, homeowners can save up to six percent of the total sales price.

Experienced agents at the prosperous agency earn their fees by exposing properties to a broad audience. This exposure helps homeowners to get the best possible offers for their properties. In addition, agents negotiate the best prices on behalf of their clients.

If you decide to sell your house on your own, you will personally have to deal with preparing your home, marketing it, reviewing offers from potential buyers, negotiating the best prices, and managing all the closing details.

Why is it important to set a timeline for sale?

Selling a house can take a significant amount of time. The entire property-selling process may last for four to six months or even longer, depending on market conditions.

Once you decide to sell your property, research real estate agents with the experience you need for your situation. Find a qualified real estate agent at least two months before listing the property.

Get a pre-sale home inspection to identify problem areas that require addressing before the sale. Make sure you leave adequate time for repairs. Consider staging and deep cleaning the property at least a month before listing it.


There are several things to do before listing a property for sale. First, interview qualified real estate agents to find the right one to work with. Secondly, declutter the property and move unnecessary items to a storage unit.

Get a presales home inspection and schedule repairs if necessary. Finally, stage the house and take professional photos.

The Prosperous Agency can help you find a reasonable price for your house for sale in Apex, NC. Call us to inspect your property for sale.