Why join our VIP Buyer Program?

Join our VIP Buyer Program to get priority access to our hot new listings that match your search criteria
Join our VIP Buyer Program to get priority access to our hot new listings that match your search criteria

By joining our VIP Buyer Program you will get priority access to properties that match your search criteria BEFORE they hit the market.  

It gives you the opportunity to be a step ahead of other buyers and secure your dream home!

It is FREE to join and you can do it HERE!

Join our VIP buyer program and let’s work together to find a home you love!

When Conrad and Jessica decided to move from New Jersey to the Greater Triangle area, they were searching homes on Google, Zillow, Trulia, Redfin etc. After visiting countless homes that didn’t fit their needs and calling listing agents( careful as that is dual agency), they finally decided to call Yoana, after doing a lot of realtor research. They immediately became members of our VIP buyer program. After just a few days, Yoana found them their dream home. And guess what: it was NOT in the MLS, not on the market, no buyers have seen it before. Basement home, dream schools and amazing yard. All they wanted, after such a short time of working with Yoana.
This is them, and it’s just one example of happiness. Let us help you be happy as well(even though it sounds cheesy, it’s true with this low inventory)!

Yoana found our perfect home that wasn’t even on the market


The agent assigned to you will represent your interests alone, not the seller’s interests, not the builder’s interest.

If you are a buyer from NC with no experience, or if you are relocating from a different state or country, it’s important to understand the following facts:

As a buyer, before you submit an offer, you will need to sign a Buyer Agency Agreement with a chosen realtor. The Working with Real Estate Agents Brochure will explain the following agencies in NC:

  • Buyers Agent – It represents the BUYER’s best interests
  • Listing Agent – It represents the SELLER’s best interest
  • Dual Agent – Represents the Buyer & Seller at the same time

When signing a listing agreement with a “listing agent”, the listing firm and the sellers on record agree to a certain commission payable to the listing agency at closing( usually 5 or 6% total). When the home is sold, the commission is split between the firm/agent representing the SELLER and the firm/agent representing the BUYER( usually buyer agent gets 2.4% or 3%)

This means that the buyer’s agent is being paid by the seller, therefore it is a FREE service for you!

The listing agent SIGNED an agreement with the SELLER to represent the SELLER’s BEST INTEREST and sell his home at THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE PRICE. . This is valid for NEW CONSTRUCTION HOMES as well! Many people go and visit NEW homes, which is perfectly normal. The on site agents will get the money at closing, and if there is an issue( and oh my, believe us, there are many that can occur), you are on your own. be educated, know what you are signing, and always work with someone who has your best interest at heart. In the end, we do know the area, we do help hundreds of families, we do this full time, and we are committed to your happiness.

Finding a home is not easy, but more than that, having access to homes that are not on the market is simply amazing.

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