Morrisville is an appealing town in North Carolina that ranks as the fifth-best place in the United States. It has attractively affordable housing, quality public amenities, and an aesthetic environment. The city’s position attracts a decent amount of tourists looking for a laid-back community.

What is the average cost of living in Morrisville NC?

The average cost of living takes into account the food, utilities, transport, and housing. A homeowner is likely to spend $1,700 as a single resident and $4300 with a family of two children each month, while a renter will spend $2200 as a single person and $5400 with a family of two young ones. Advisably, you should save up to own one of Morrisville NC homes for sale if you want to make long-term savings from your living circumstances.

What is the average cost of homes for sale in Morrisville NC?

Different agencies have different pricing formulas. Additionally, there is no standard cost of living in a particular location in Morrisville or a house with certain facilities.


The Prosperous Agency has houses for as low as $250,000 and expansive family homes that price at $1.3 million. The lower-priced houses typically have fewer bedrooms and smaller coverage for the size of the property. You will, however, still own a home with ample compound space because Morrisville is an affordable off-town location.

Type of homes

Morrisville NC Homes For Sale | Moving to North Carolina
Morrisville NC Homes For Sale

Another factor affecting the price of the property is its classification. We sell the following property types through the sales portal:

  • Detached Homes
  • Attached Homes
  • Single Family Homes
  • Townhouses
  • Condominiums
  • Multi-unit homes
  • Land only

Our search filter does not place limits on the highest or lowest possible prices of properties you can filter, or the number of beds you prefer to have in the home.


Morrisville real estate has the best neighborhood conditions in the state. Some of the most affordable neighborhood regions include:

  • Providence Place
  • Addison Park
  • Ridgemont
  • Downing Glen
  • Chessington
  • Kitts Creek
  • Keystone Crossing

The homes average at $314,000 and have a wide array of selections. You can find a three-bedroom home with one bath at a lesser amount than the meridian price, and an old-style looking home with more baths and beds at a price not exceeding $400,000.

Reasons to book an open house in Morrisville

Favorable location

This town has conducive weather that is not too cold during winter and has ample sunny days throughout the year. It is ideal for families that want to take a road trip to view Morrisville NC homes for sale without sudden weather surprises.

Additionally, its comfortable weather allows the hosting of various outdoor events, such as cultural events, sports, and weekend touring. The area has plenty of family-oriented events throughout the year and a welcoming community that will give you an uneventful stay.

Exceptional school system

Morrisville NC real estate is the best for a young family looking for an above-average school system. There is an excellent selection for state universities and public schools that will give your child a superior advantage in life. The town has six parks that can entertain your family for a couple of days as you browse through the nearest schools at your chosen houses for sale in Morrisville.

Would you like to see what Morrisville NC homes for sale are available?

We are aware that the current inventory of Morrisville NC homes for sale is very low. We encourage you to join our VIP buyer program where you get instant access to a more extensive inventory of homes that can not be found in the local MLS or, will be hitting the market soon.

Make sure you come back often as the list will be updated every 15 minutes!

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