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Here are 5 things to know to maximize your money BEFORE selling your home in North Carolina! 

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First and most important thing to maximize your money is 

1. Exposure

What do I mean? As you can see you are watching my video because I have created a very detailed target marketing ad just to specifically target you!
This is exactly what we do with our listings reaching thousands and thousands of views, which is very important when you wanna sell your house especially in this county where there’s so many people relocating. 

Wee push Our Ads In Front Of Specifically Targeted People

There’s so many people coming from Asia, from India, from Europe, so you want to make sure they do see your house!
And, also a very important thing that I have to add to that is that when we create these videos there’s a lot of energy and time and effort and only maybe 1% of the agents nationwide actually have the skill and the knowledge to do that!

It’s not enough to just add that house in the MLS. Not anymore!
There’s way much more going on into the 21st century type of cutting-edge marketing and me and my whole team are doing our best to stay on top of that cutting-edge technology, on market trends and innovation just to make sure we represent you the best!

What else is very important when thinking about selling
your house?

2. Negotiation

You need to hire an agent that is very good at NEGOTIATION!
You know that the average real estate agent sells about three homes a year?
Why would you put your biggest investment in the hands of someone that
has absolutely no expertise? I know you probably know a real estate agent. Everybody knows a real estate agent because we’re everywhere!  But guess what? Not all of the agents are good at what they’re doing exactly as you may feel when you go to the doctor and you feel that you are not heard!
You need to hire someone that has the skills, the expertise and does this
hundred percent all the time! 

I am the broker in charge of The Prosperous Agency, I do this full-time! You are my most important priority and just as I negotiate for you I negotiate for myself, for my money for everything that I need in order to raise my kids. So it’s very important to hire the right agent who can help you maximize your money regardless of who you know. Regardless of your aunt or your friend of a friend that may have another job and says: “Yeah sure, I’m going to list the house for you!”

No! Please interview some agents make sure that you understand the market, make sure they know exactly what to do in order to get you the most money for your house.

Also just keep in mind there are some companies out there that are going
to tell you that you can sell your house in no time, no pressure! You’re not gonna have to do any staging you’re not gonna have to do anything pretty much just give them your house and there you go.

The FOOL! Hey seller! I'll buy your house so I can make a great profit! Courtesy of The Prosperous Agency
The FOOL! Hey seller! I’ll buy your house so I can make a great profit! 

Now remember! You’re probably not going to maximize your money instead, you are going to lose thousands of thousands of dollars and the equity that you have worked so hard to build it’s probably going to subsidize a new company in town, make them rich and richer just because you probably didn’t have the time or you felt that it might be too stressful for you to actually list your house and put a little bit of money in staging. We can definitely take care of that! I can tell you exactly how to stage your house. I can tell you exactly if the
house is in good condition so please make sure you hire
someone that’s good at negotiating and advising you properly in this rapidly growing and changing market.

Three other things that are very important are:

3. Price
4. Location
5. Condition

Guess what?

Everybody thinks their house is gonna sell for the most amount of money! Even myself when I sold my house I thought it’s the most amazing house on Earth! But it’s not quite like that. You have to be objective and study the market before you price it! 
You have also probably heard about Zillow. Remember, Zillow is just a software, it’s just an algorithm that is putting things together and it’s not that it’s not good to look at Zillow but you have to look at all of the other  factors that are coming into place. Like, are you on a corner lot? Are you close to a train track? What’s your location? Are you belonging to great schools and the list goes on. 

So there’s so many things that come into play just like a little puzzle when it comes to that price when it comes to the location and the condition. We are here to help you maximize your money by taking all of that into consideration!

If you know anyone that is considering buying or selling a house
we are here to help! Feel free to share this video with anyone that you might think might actually benefit from it and make it an amazing day! Take care!

5 Things to Maximize Your Money
5 Things to Maximize Your Money when selling your home in North Carolina. Courtesy of Yoana Nin with Yoana Nin Realty | The Prosperous Agency

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