Are you moving to North Carolina from another country? How can you get a US visa or a Green Card?

Easiest visas to obtain

US Visa Application
Do you need a US Visa when moving to North Carolina?

There are a few US visa types that you can choose from.

  1. ESTA – your country has a treaty with the US – meaning that you do not need a visa but you are limited to 90 days or,
  2. B Visitor Visa that you can get from your local embassy or consulate – your stay will be determined however NOT by the LENGTH of the visa or by the maximum stay by ESTA of 90 days but, by the officer who looks at your passport when you enter the country.

    On a side note, you can extend your B visitor US visa but you CAN NOT extend your ESTA visa. 

FAMILY BASED VISAS – allow you to stay longer – you already have a family member here with a relationship that is strong enough so they can sponsor you.


What if you are an investor and you want a GREEN CARD?

There are several ways to go: 

A green card would be an EV5 – INVESTOR visa because you have invested a substantial amount of money in the US. That visa depends upon whether you are a direct investor or you want to work through a regional center for foreign investment. 

Being a direct investor means that you have to create 10 full time workers jobs that will last for the duration of your conditional green card. Two years later removing the conditionality will make it a permanent green card.

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